New Casino Sites

Today, more new casino sites open than new food stores and there are obvious reasons why. First of all, it has become much easier to start your own casino than 10 years ago. Nowadays, you can easily go to a casino platform and in one week your online casino is ready. That is, if you want to start a standard casino that really just a basic template.

The second reason why so many new casinos are launched is because of the large amount of money available in the industry. The online casino industry is estimated to be worth $47 billion in 2017, and although it is divided into very many different players, you understand that there is a lot of money to collect for a smaller business.

new casino sites

The third reason why so many new casinos are launched is that casino customer behaviour has changed over the past 10 years. In the past, you registered with Betsson and stayed there for several years. Nowadays, casino players change casinos much more often, so even the major gaming companies are launching new casinos on a regular basis to offer a new experience for their already registered players.

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How to start a new online casino

To start a new casino you need to do the following:

  1. Start a company. Most companies running the casinos are located either in England, Malta or in Gibraltar.
  2. Contact a platform for casino. Look further down the page for a list of platforms.
  3. Have about £100.000 in initial capital. The more the better, but you have to be able to pay out winnings from the start.

Casino platforms

Currently, almost all casinos use a platform that is not their own. The exceptions are the major players such as Betsson, Unibet and Winning Room. However, this is not always positive, as the leased platforms are often more developed and work better.

When you contact a platform, you can either choose to have a license to build your own casino on their platform, alternatively use a “shell/template” that they provide. This is then called a “white label”. It’s not a unique product, but a copy with some minor adjustments.

These platforms are popular among new casinos:

  • IGaming Cloud
  • EveryMatrix
  • Together Gaming

Then there are companies like Fasttrack Solutions to help you with everything you need, if you do not want to get in touch with the platform directly and so on.

Things to consider when choosing a new casino

Miss Casino Bonus is an informative guide for safe online gaming. Here are our 5 best tips for choosing a new casino page:

  • Check the bottom of the casino for what license it has. Most often, it is Malta, Gibraltar or the UK, but if you see Curacau, it’s probably best to stay away. Curacau licences are not serious, nor tax-free winnings for UK players.
  • Take advantage of bonuses and free spins, but check the terms. Sometimes you may encounter capped winnings when using bonuses. Nothing you want to see AFTER you won the dream jackpot.
  • Follow your gut feeling. Do you think a casino site is looking a bit shady? Then choose another site. Shady sites are around and it is not worth risking your money on such a website.
  • Choose companies with English support and live chat. The live chat makes it much easier to contact the customer service and the English-speaking support will guarantee no misunderstandings.
  • Do not choose casino after bonus amount but after overall impression. Don’t need to explain this so much. After all, there are more to life than bonuses!